This site is designed to celebrate environmental heroes and ensure they have a place in history. Some of us are concerned about the way historical records have a way of evolving, so we want your help to get it right. Please take a few minutes to help us record the achievements and efforts of key people during this historic period, on this web site. The information will later be stored elsewhere and published in other ways.



Let’s focus on heroes, more than villains, but short, accurate records about villains will be posted too, in the villain section. Your heroes can be scientists, environmentalists, engineers, community leaders, industry leaders, activists, architects, legal people, bureaucrats, media people, government leaders etc. You can nominate yourself. The world is complicated, so it’s okay to put a submission about the same person in both categories.


One photo, up to 150 words, links ok


No photo, 50 words or less

If you’re busy, one sentence is fine. We would ask that your submissions avoid mixing causes, however valiant. Please talk about environmentalist efforts. Please keep religion out of it. It’s by nature political, but it needn’t be partisan. Keep it civil. It’s a historical record, not a soapbox, and the submitter’s name will not be shown. Please stick to the word count limits. Use a public domain photo, a photo for which you have the rights, or no photo. If your person is already posted here and you think it’s inaccurate or missing something, please, submit a rewrite or correction. If you submit and we don’t post, or don’t post the way you like, re-read these guidelines for clues first, then discuss.

Please type or paste in the words below about a clean energy hero or villain, or send suggestions to bfnagy1@gmail.com or @BFNagy on Twitter. Contributor’s information is required, but will not be published.

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