JACINDA ARDERN New Zealand Prime Minister has committed the country to 100% renewables, banned offshore oil drilling, and pledged $300 million in climate-related assistance for Pacific countries threatened by the effects of climate change. She supports the long held New Zealand policy that disallows nuclear weapons in the country, and nuclear-powered vessels in its ports. It closed it last nuclear power plant in 1981. The PM has been a vocal campaigner for other world leaders to follow New Zealand’s green example. At the United Nations in September of 2018 Ardern called for equality for women, action on climate change and a recommitment to multilateralism, saying : “We must rediscover our shared belief in the value, rather than the harm, of connectedness.” It was seen as a response to the increased isolationism and national self-interest of the US and other countries, and she recieved an ovation from members in attendance.