Harold OrrHAROLD ORR a Passive House pioneer is generally acknowledged as the leader of a group that built the first structure according to a model that would eventually be refined, mostly in Germany, into the passive house standard. This standard is likely one of the key solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions created by buildings. Passive houses are so well insulated that they can be heated or cooled with electric appliances that are at least 80% smaller than conventional HVAC technology. Orr’s innovations include new insulation techniques and materials, air sealing and efficient ventilation, blower-door testing and heat recycling. A housing engineer with the National Research Council, he led development of new national energy conservation protocols along with Dave Eyre, Dave Jennings, Deryl Thomson, Harry Filson, Hendrik Grolle, Bill Gibbons, Rob Dumont, George Green, Robert Besant, Garry Marvin, Fred Heal and others.