Katherine Peretick at NRStor project in Goderich low res copyKATHERINE PERETICK, a top electricity storage expert works with one of Canada’s most progressive energy companies, NRStor. She holds a Masters in mechanical engineering, and has worked at Nasa in California, Vestas in Denmark, GM and General Compression in Detroit. She is developing one of the most exciting compressed air energy storage projects (CAES) projects in the world, in Goderich, Ontario. Most people think of batteries when they think of storing solar power for use after sunset or wind power generated at night for peak daytime periods; but compressed air is a much less expensive and promising alternative at the moment. Most compressed air facilities around the world use some fossil fuel, but this new project and future ones for this company are fossil fuel free.

AOCAOC or ALEXADRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ is a refreshing young politician who has enjoyed great success in becoming a member of the US House of Representatives (Bronx, Queens, New York). Intelligence, quick-wit, good preparation and social media dexterity have supported her increasing renown. She is a key architect behind the Green New Deal, a set of proposed economic stimulus programs that aim to address climate change and economic inequality. It has become a proposed House resolution. Dozens of House Members have said they support it. There is more climate denial and lobbying against environmental protections in the United State than there is anywhere else on earth. Therefore, not surprisingly, the fate of the Green New Deal is not known. Plenty of feigned criticism.


GRETA THUNBERG a 16 year old climate activist from Stockholm, Sweden goes on strike from school each Friday to demonstrate in front of the Parliament buildings. She has inspired school students all over the world to undertake similar protests. In 2018 she was invited to the UN climate conference in Katowice, Poland, where she famously stated, “Our world leaders are acting like children…I’m not here to beg our leaders to change. I’m here to inform you that the world is changing whether you like it or not.” She recently tweeted a picture of herself and a protest event with this statement: “We’ve had thirty years of pep-talking and selling positive ideas. And I’m sorry, but it doesn’t work. Because if it would have, emissions would have gone down by now — they haven’t.”

HANS LAK, NETHERLANDS, Master Networking Professional. Catalyst for Permanent Future Lab, Ambassador for TBLI Group, Founder of One Person Can Make A Difference, VP Strategic Partnerships for The environmental community, owner of Outdoor.info Network. Hans is a builder of organizations and groups who believe in a better, modernized, caring and sharing future. A social media specialist, he has more than 25,000 Twitter followers, thousands more connections on other social media, and is considered one of the top 10 influencers on the planet. He helps create spaces where different kinds of people and organisations can find tech innovation such as wearable devices, robots, drones & 3D printing, eg #PFLab where tomorrow is today. He supports world leaders in sustainability teaching them to network, connect, collaborate, and exchange information on the latest developments in screening, auditing, reporting, SRI analysis, corporate citizenship, indexes, research, impact investments and green products.

PROFESSOR MARK JACOBSON, Stanford climate scientist. Mark Z. Jacobson is a leading, well-respected, widely published, David Letterman & Ted-X famous scientist, studying models related to wind power, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric power, wave power, black carbon, cloud and aerosol coagulation, breakup, condensation/evaporation, freezing, dissolution, chemical equilibrium, and lightning; air-sea exchange; ocean chemistry; greenhouse gas absorption; and surface processes. He has developed and applied three-dimensional atmosphere-biosphere-ocean computer models and solvers to simulate air pollution, weather, climate, and renewable energy. He has also developed roadmaps to transition countries, states, cities, and towns to 100% clean energy. He co-founded The Solutions Project, a non-profit that combines science, business, and culture to educate the public about science based 100% clean-energy. The group developed individual energy plans for each of the 50 United States, and by 2017, for 139 countries of the world. The individual state roadmaps were the primary scientific justifications for California and Hawaii laws to transition to 100% clean, renewable electricity by 2045, Vermont to transition to 75% by 2032, and New York to transition to 50% by 2030. The world and state roadmaps further served as the motivation for more than 85 cities and 150 international companies to commit to 100% clean, renewable energy.

PROFESSOR PETER STRACHAN, SCOTLAND, expert on Energy Policy, Energy Transitions.As part of the State Visit of the President of Mexico to the United Kingdom for example, Professor Strachan was invited as an expert contributor to the Carbon Trust’s special session on the opportunities of Building a Sustainable Energy Economy in the UK and in Mexico, held in conjunction with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This led to the signing of a high-level collaboration agreement.

Within Scotland Professor Strachan has provided energy policy support to the Scottish Government since 2013, with this culminating in a presentation to the First Minister of Scotland. He continues to support the Scottish Government when required and was for example invited to give oral evidence at a private session of the “The Devolution (Further Powers) Scottish Parliament Committee”. More recently he has given a keynote talk on the “Future of Energy” to the Energy Institute and Strathclyde Business School Centre for Energy Policy and was further a member of a closing expert panel on the same theme at the University of Aberdeen. Professor Strachan has also presented his work to The All Parliamentary Group on Unconvetional Oil and Gas at the Houses of Parliament, Westminster.

ESTHER AGBARAKWE Minister of the Environment, Nigeria As a child Esther witnessed the destruction of one of the most beautiful natural springs in Cross River, which inspired her environmental activism and endless blogging beginning at age 9 and leading to the nickname ClimateEsther. She has been involved in projects that include high level targeted advocacy in climate change, biodiversity, sexual and reproductive health/Family planning locally and internationally. She founded the Youth Climate Movement though The Nigerian Youth Climate Change Coalition, and worked as an international advocacy fellow (population, health, environment and climate change) at Population Action International, Washington DC, USA. She has led several youth representations to major climate change and development conferences including Rio+20, Durban Conference and COP17. Esther has also worked on other projects with UN Commission on Sustainable Development, UNICEF and the Society for Family Health. She has been recognized with a Dekeyser and Friends Foundation Leadership Award in 2009 in Germany, the Ford Foundation/LEAP Africa Nigerian Youth Leadership Award in 2010, Commonwealth Youth Climate Fellowship in London 2010, and Atlas Corps Fellowship Award, USA 2012 and nominated in 2011 and 2012 for Best Use of Advocacy category of the Future Awards in Nigeria. She has worked with The Elders; Gro Harlem Brundtland, Mary Robinson, Desmond Tutu and Fernando Cardozo on UN Rio+20 as one of the famous four “Youngers” demonstrating true intergenerational dialogue on sustainability. She has twice chaired Actionaid Nigeria General Assembly. In 2015 she became Minister of the Environment in Nigeria and in 2017 was awarded the Crans Montana Forum of New Leaders of Tomorrow Award in Barcelona.