Donald Trump, failed businessman, US President — thinks it’s a TV show. Good at destroying the environment and relationships, building walls — but only figuratively. Gutted the Environmental Protection Agency, tried to boost coal, oil, nuclear. Appointed climate deniers and greedy people with conflicts of interest to key environment protection posts.

Mitch McConnell, compromised leader of the US Senate, funded by vested interests in the oil & gas industry. Engineered a war on environmental regulation and clean energy, through manipulation and by organizing other compromised representatives to support his goals.

The Koch brothers, private sector propagandists. Became wealthy by exploiting the earth’s natural resources and destroying the air, water and land, mostly through obsessive, large scale oil extraction. Spent millions to hire lobbyists to create doubt and tell outright lies about climate change and the damage caused by their operations.

Vladimir Putin, Russian President who, “unencumbered by an environmental vision of a carbon-free economy, is engaged in a global effort to unite authoritarian regimes with significant fossil fuel reserves,” according to author Merrill Matthews.